The mission of the school is to create a “School of Tomorrow” environment for nurturing talents by integrating the spirit of American Multiple Intelligences Education and  Traditional Chinese Six Arts Education into the curriculum. The school is equipped with advanced and effective teaching facilities, implemented by a flexible and sustainable learning organization, and  led by a  professional team dedicated to  developing innovative interdisciplinary curriculum. The school also promotes personalized and all-around education, establishes a vibrant learning community with global network, guides students Learning to Learn, Learning to Construct, Learning to Create and Learning to Be, distinguishes between right and wrong, has the courage to undertake, embraces creativity and innovation.

The Group’s practice of all-round education is based on the idea of Six Arts Education in “Rites of Zhou” (770 B.C.-476 B.C.) and the idea of Multiple Intelligences Education by Howard Gardner (1983). It cultivates children with equal emphasis on “moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic” education and allows them to construct basic knowledge freely. All-round education will enable children to pursue excellence in a happy learning way.

The Group actively promotes innovative education with “Innovation, Creativity, Innomaker” as the main theme. It fosters students to become intelligent craftsmen who are eager to learn from an early age, who can master diversified interdisciplinary knowledge necessary for creative talents, and who have the knowledge integration and innovation ability. The Group nurtures students’ manipulative ability at their young age. It stimulates students’ creativity through practice and enhances their innovative ability, which offers students freedom to create their future.

The Group actively develops a “school of the future”. It constructs a vibrant learning community with a wide network, equips with advanced, efficient facilities which are driven by future education, creates a flexible and sustainable learning environment, develops a series of interdisciplinary curriculum integrated by research and innovation, and forms a group of professional leaders who guide the school to a better future.