Green Campus

Tea Valley: Surrounded with Wetland Garden and Sanzhou Tea Garden.

Ecoventure Valley: Surrounded with Wild Fjord and Ecological Canyon.

Sky Lake Valley: Surrounded by green outdoor sports area.

Life Campus

Environment Classroom: Learn to care the environment, protect the environment, conserve the environment, respect life and treasure life.  

Home Economics Classroom : Study housework, home economics and kitchenware applications. 

 Life Education Classroom:  Learn good habits and etiquette; understand home safety and tools  applications. 

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Global Campus

Boundaryless Campus : With WiFi fully covered, students are equip with portable learning tools to connect with the world.

e-Campus: An online discussion community to conduct e-collaborative learning and establish a global learning network.

e-Academy: An online learning resource center and e-learning portfolios to obtain and maintain global learning resources.

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Technology Campus

Creative Design and Technology Center: Equipped with advanced CAD/CAM facilities to design and produce creative products. 

Creative Media and Music Center: Equipped with electronic music and multimedia production facilities to conduct sound effect, animation and film production.

Creative Learning Recourses Center: provided with STEM reference books & learning kids to encourage self-learning & participating.   

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Science Campus

Botanical Garden: An indoor garden to study plant ecology.

Science CenterEquipped with various experimental apparatus for scientific activities. 

Aviary:  A place for bird observation.

Natural Trail: A trail for students to study plants.

Science CenterEquipped with various experimental apparatus for scientific activities.  

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Humanities Campus

Sanzhou Tea Garden: A place to learn Chinese Tea Culture by picking, making and tasting tea. 

Ancient Tea Town: An old town to learn, Chinese Traditional Music and Martial Arts. 

Huaxing Temple: A place to inspire students by the essence of Chinese Buddhist Culture. 

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Sports Campus

Golf Course: Two 18-hole golf courses for students’ training and holding golf competitions, and a 15-fairway water golf training course.  

Indoor Tennis Court: Two courts building with a retractable roof. 

Rowing Area: located in Sanzhoutian Reservoir, equipped with double sculls for regular training and competition.

Indoor Swimming Pool: A swimming pool with 50-meter standard lanes. 

Bike Trail: An environmentally-friendly Bike Trail located in Wetland Garden. 

Indoor Stadium:  For badminton and basketball training. 

Sailing Training Site: Located in Dameisha beach with small sailing boats. 

Canoeing Training Site: Located in Sanzhoutian Reservoir with non-powered tandem canoes. 

Art Campus

Creative Art  Gallery: A place to display students’ art works. 

Music Room: A room for music training. 

Art Room: A room for art training.

Dancing Room: Used for musical and dancing. 

Auditorium: Auditorium: Used for music, dancing and drama performances. 

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The boarding school system is adopted in primary, middle and high school. With dedicated hotel dormitories and residential dormitories in school, parents can apply to live with their children for caring purpose.