Our Team

Princeton International Education Group is formed by personnel of rich educational administration experience. Members of the team are experts in the field of future education and innovative education, providing strong support in developing quality creative courses for  enhancing students’ performance and learning outcomes. In K-12 education, our team members have widespread administration experiences in the US school districts at regional and state levels which include teaching evaluation, curriculum development, curriculum management at school office, central administrative office, and state government offices. In school administration, our team has the former President of US higher education institute, Chief Executive Officer of a startup educational technology company, Chairman of a national accreditation agency, senior experts with experiences in special education.


This professional team shares the value of the crucial causal relationship between school operation and team quality. Being famous in creativity and innovation education, the team is sophisticated in teacher training, teaching evaluation and sustainable development. In addition, the school will extensively develop expert networks, promote school-business cooperation and establish special partnership in order to help students broaden their horizon and achieve brighter future.

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Professional Team

Dr. Chee-tim Yip

Chief Principal, Chief Strategy Development Counsel

Dr. Yip is an outstanding educator in Hong Kong. He received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts (Education) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a Ph.D. in Education from South China Normal University in China. After graduating from university, Dr. Yip devoted himself to the education field, serving as the Director of Computer Department, Computer Administration Director, Vice Principal and Principal of Pui Ching Middle School in Hong Kong.  During his service in Pui Ching Middle School, he took up numerous community service work. He was appointed as Chairman of Computer Examination Course and National College Entrance Examination Course Committee under the Curriculum Development Council of Hong Kong Education Bureau, the Developer and the Assistant Examiner of Computer Course in Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority. District Council member of  Kowloon City District Council under Home Affairs Bureau of Hong Kong SAR government, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Chinese Schools,  Chairman of the Liaison Committee of School Principals of Kowloon City District and member of the Hong Kong Commission on Youth Affairs.


Dr. Yip is a pioneer in promoting electronic school administration and information technology (IT) education. He designed and programmed Pui Ching’s electronic administration system, applied knowledge management theory to optimize the system programs and provided insights in improving teaching quality. During his tenure as the Chairman of Hongkong Association for Computer Education in 1997, he presented the proposal to develop information technology education in Hong Kong, which was incorporated into the development blueprint by the Hong Kong SAR government. Apart from his service in Pui Ching Middle School, During the millennium, Dr. Yip was concurrently appointed as the Director of Pui Ching Education Center, member of Curriculum Committee of IT Education Master Program and instructor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong participating in  the Planner and Writer of Principal and Teacher Training programs. Dr. Yip has rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in IT education.


Dr. Yip is the builder of the “Future School”. In his service as the Principal of Pui Ching Middle School in 2003, he integrated the spirit of Chinese traditional Six Arts Education and  the western Multiple Intelligences Education as the theoretical foundation of  “Future School”. Initiated by Dr. Yip in 2006, “Pui Ching School of Tomorrow Project” was launched, with an aim to helping students discover their potentials and achieve their success in  future. The Project was proved to be a huge success with students’ academic and cultural levels improved significantly. It nurtured a great number of outstanding talents in various disciplines, including the best students of Hong Kong. The Future School Lab of National Institute of Education Sciences of China published the “China Future School White Book” in November 2016, in which the philosophy coincides with Dr. Yip’s “School of Tomorrow Project”.


Dr. Yip is an all-round outstanding educator. In addition to his participation in councils, secondary schools and post-secondary institutes, he also holds the positions of Supervisor and President in a number of elementary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong. Besides, he was invited as keynote speakers in educational / IT conferences in China and overseas. For decades, he makes tremendous contributions to education and the community.

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Dr. Gary Cao

Chief Scientist, Executive Director

Dr. Gary Cao is a senior scientist, medicinal chemist, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drug expert and anti-tumor drug design expert., , he currently focuses on research in relation to children diseases as well as the improvement of children immunity to protect our students’ health.


Dr. Cao graduated from University of Michigan with a Doctorate degree in Organic Chemistry in 2005. From 1998 to 2003, he studied under the guidance of Professor Marino, a well-known chemistry expert in organo-copper and organo-sulfur, to carry out research on the synthetic method of aspidosperma alkaloids. He completed the total synthesis of two complex natural products, providing a shortcut to the synthesis of many natural products with special bioactivity (such as anti-cancer). From 2003 to 2007, he engaged in the study of chemokine receptor antagonist, which is mainly applied in rheumatism, diabetes, nephritis, neuralgia and other diseases. In 2007, he joined the kinase antagonist research group in Incyte Corporation, which is mainly applied in cancer, rheumatism and other diseases. In 2011, the kinase antagonist Jakafi was approved to be on market.

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Dr. Sandra J. Doran

Board Director

Dr. Doran graduated from Syracuse University with a Ph.D. degree in 1981. She is the expert and practitioner of classic American education. In 2007, she received another Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Educational Management in Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Doran is a professional leader in educational administration. From 2011 to 2013, she served as President of American College of Education. Under her leadership, the college has been developed into the 5th largest graduate school of education in the United States. She also managed to establish world-class degree programs in a challenging economic environment, including ten high-demand master’s degree programs, one doctorate degree program and three innovative undergraduate degree programs. Since 2013, Dr. Doran has been working as the founder and managing partner in Higher Education Consulting Group. She is also the Director of State Authorization Reciprocity Initiative in New English Board of Higher Education. Dr. Doran is a proven business leader and innovator with extensive management experience. She is a leader with strong collaborative and analytic skills and is known for setting clear strategic directions, planning operable business schemes, and improving key performance indicators that drive productivity and employee engagement.

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Dr. Scott P. Myers

Principal, Princeton International Academy (Shenzhen)

Dr. Scott P. Myers graduated from Kansas State University with a Doctorate degree in Education in the United States. He worked as Chief Executive Officer of three charter schools in Kansas: Elkhart Cyber, Point Rock Academy and Jefferson West Alternative. He used to serve as the Public School Superintendent in Meriden and Elkhart in Kansas. He was also the Director of Title Programs and Services at Kansas State Department of Education. In 2011, Dr. Myers held a position as Assistant Professor of Education Leadership in Washburn University in Kansas. He was appointed as Director of Teacher Licensure and Accreditation at Kansas State Department of Education in 2012. At present, he is working as the Superintendent Mentor of Leadership Institute in Kansas State University.


Dr. Myers has rich experiences in educational administration in the United States. At school district level, he created Bilingual Pre-school Program and Community Outreach Vocational Program, implemented Family Involvement Initiatives and assisted in the reconstruction of Jefferson West Education Funding. He also supervised Kansas virtual and charter schools, developed and implemented new K-12 accreditation system as well as Kansas teacher/leader evaluation system at state level. He set up  Statewide Local Education Agency/Institute of Higher Education Partnership Committee. Meanwhile, he  collaborated with other public school districts, offered interactive television courses and  established partnerships with fellow districts in the United States.

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Teaching Team

The school is supported by the educators from the Teacher College and Rita Gold Early Childhood Center of Columbia University and Manhattan School of Music to build an American-style benchmarking school which allows barrier-free communication and learning with the United States. It is equipped with an experienced, strictly-trained and high-quality teaching team. English is used as the main language of instruction. More than half of the teachers are foreign teachers. Each class is allocated with a foreign head teacher and a Chinese assistant head teacher to ensure that students reach high Chinese and English levels. In addition, music, art and sports specialized teachers are deployed to promote students’ all-round development.

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