Fees for Princeton Sky Lake International School – Primary School

Application Fee

Application fee is RMB ¥2,000. (for new students; non-refundable).

Tuition Fee

Annual tuition fee is US $69,800. The following fees are included:

Learning Fee All fees related to regular curriculum.
Accommodation Fee The dorm is around 70m2, including 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom. Two children share a bedroom and are taken care by a nanny.
Meal Fee Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning tea and afternoon tea.
Clothing Fee Summer (including school uniform, sportswear and outdoor clothing)
Winter (including school uniform, sportswear and outdoor clothing)
Tutors Fee
– Foreign Language Tutors
– Music Tutors
– Art Tutors
– Sports Tutors
– Science and Technology Tutors
Foreign language is the mandatory subject. Students should choose at least 3 of the following subjects: music, art, sports and science and technology. For each subject, students can participate in 1 to 2 items, but not exceeding 5 items in total.
Extra-Curricular Activities Fee Include fees for extra-curricular activities of visits and academic exchange in China.

For mid-way applications, the tuition fee will be calculated from the month that the child starts attending school to the end of the school year, which is US $6,980 per month.

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Sibling Discount

Parents/guardians who have three or more children enrolled in the school are able to enjoy a five percent (5%) discount on Tuition Fee for each of their children enrolled in the school.

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Late Payment Charge

A late payment charge of two percent (2%) per month, compounded monthly, will be charged on the tuition fee that is overdue. The school also reserves the right to give the places of students with overdue payment to new waiting applicants.

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Methods of Payment

Bank Remittance
Payment can be made by bank transfer payable to the school’s USD or RMB bank account. For easy identification, please submit a copy of your bank remittance advice with your child’s passport name to our Financial Department.

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School Bank Account Information

RMB Account Information


(Conversion from USD & other currencies to RMB is based on the market exchange rate at the time of actual payment).

USD Account Information

Account Name
Account Number
Bank and Branch

(Conversion from USD & other currencies to RMB is based on the market exchange rate at the time of actual payment).

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