Shenzhen Aurora School

Developing a highly professional and inclusive international special education school

The Group will set forth Shenzhen Aurora School in Guanlan District of Shenzhen, aiming at supporting the education and resettlement task of children from Shenzhen Social Welfare Institute gradually and orderly. The Group will set up an environment for children with special education needs, which helps them return orderly to the normal education environment.

The Group is developing a highly professional and inclusive international special education school with comprehensive special education resources and leading special education experience and talents from Hong Kong and Macau. Its goal is to become a nationally renowned and authoritative special education school

The construction of the school main buildings was completed. The 4-storey high main teaching building consists of a canteen, an activity room, classrooms and staff rooms. Apart from the main teaching building, there are dormitories. Each dormitory is provided with a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. It will adopt a “simulated family” mode in which a voluntary family will take care of two to three children’s everyday life. The school also provides a nursery room with cribs for children under the age of two.

Supporting Institution: China Special Education Foundation

Shenzhen Aurora School is the first project implemented by China Special Education Foundation, which is affiliated to Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China. China Special Education Foundation aims at increasing equal education opportunities for special children, promoting special education career in China and implementing Chinese educational fairness system.

China Special Education Foundation is committed to helping every citizen with special needs to live in a harmonious society where education fairness is guaranteed, employment opportunities are provided and welfare and rights are protected. China Special Education Foundation will establish: a rehabilitation and intervention center for special children, combining screening, intervention and rehabilitation, a professional support program to help implement the mainstreaming policy in regular schools and a community/family support program to assist parents with family integration