School Motto

Excellent Personality in Pursuit of Excellence 立品立人,止于至善

Guiding Principles


Create a School that nurtures elites with excellent personality for the community, the nation and the world.


Establish the school as a flexible and sustainable learning organization. Empower students to be the successful generation with distinguished Morality, Bilingual Ability, Innovative Ability and All-Round Ability in Pursuit of Excellence.


Establish the school as a flexible and sustainable learning organization by:

  • integrating American Multiple Intelligence Education with Chinese Six Arts Education
  • providing students with high-tech and effective facilities to nurture talents
  • developing cross curriculum and innovative curriculum led by education specialists
  • implementing individualized all-round education
  • establishing global network and dynamic learning community

Empower students to be the successful generation with:

  • passion to learn
  • intelligence to clarify the truth
  • courage to undertake responsibility
  • ability to innovate and create
  • initiation to build global connection
  • spirit to strive for the future
  • confidence to pursuit excellence

Promote students pursuit of excellence with:

  • distinguished morality,
  • bilingual ability
  • innovation ability
  • all-round ability

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Holistic Development Approach

The school curriculum design is based on the ideology of American Multiple Intelligences Education by Howard Gardner (1983) and Chinese Six Arts Education in “Rites of Zhou”
(770 B.C.-476 B.C.), and integrated into four major areas namely Moral Education, Bilingual Education, Innovation Education and All-round Education. The school curriculum incorporates the essence of the US Common Core Standards Curriculum and the IB Curriculum, combined with China Stardard Curriculum to promote Bilingual Education. The curriculum focus on eliciting students’ potential and enlightening students’ wisdom. It aims to enable children to learn with pleasure and pursue excellence.

Wisdom Condensation Paradigm

Theoretical Framework for Wisdom Condensation

Knowledge and Intelligence building for Wisdom Condensation is the major concern in future trend of education. In recent years, schools are striving to be first on developing Cyber-community on top of traditional School-Community for promoting modernized education. According to the Strategies of Knowledge Management in Education and Theory of Knowledge Conversion Cycle (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995), the Collaborative Learning in Cyber-Community and School-Community focuses on Knowledge and Intelligence Building, and eventually leading to Wisdom Condensation.

Knowledge Conversion Cycle in Cyber-Community

The Cyber-Community provides the Collaborative Learning Environment for students to communicate with stakeholders including professionals, teachers, parents, classmates and netizens at anytime, anywhere. Hence through the Knowledge Conversion Cycle in Cyber-Community, new knowledge and intelligence are built gradually.

Knowledge Conversion Cycle in School-Community

The School-Community is the environment where individual learning as well as group Collaborative Learning are conducted. Knowledge and Intelligence are strengthened through the Knowledge Conversion Cycle by developing discussion culture between individuals and groups in the classroom.

Learning in Future Classroom

Future Classroom is a boundaryless learning environment that connected to the global world. The backend is a multi-platform which is designed for the students to access the Mac-based, PC-based and Android-based resources, application packages, school-based learning resources and administration system in the Cloud. The frontend is equipped with Dual-Interactive Touch-Panel and Tablets/Smart-Phones in forming a Collaborative Learning Environment to establish the cultures of Interactive-Classroom, Discussion-Classroom and Feedback-Classroom to promote the Knowledge and Intelligence Building.

Actual practice on Collaborative Learning in Cyber-Community and School-Community will stimulate the students’ Higher-order Thinking, Knowledge and Intelligence Building, and will lay a foundation of Wisdom Condensation Paradigm.
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Pursuing Excellence

Different children have different talents and develop in different area. We believed that eliciting potential and enlightening wisdom are essential for gifted and talented children, ignoring potential and underestimating wisdom is destined to be mediocre. Practicing personalized and balanced education and activating talents are important links in nurturing talented children.The school promotes Individualized All-Round Education to the students. The curriculum is specially designed for eliciting potential, enlightening wisdom, realizing imagination and pursuing excellence.

Eliciting Potential

We believe that every child is gifted and talented. The provision of all-round learning curriculum and environment to elicit the potential of students is the major concern in future education.

  • Provide individualized all-round education.
  • Implement “One Sport and One Arts for One Student” policy, which requires every student to master at least one sport and one arts item.
  • Each student is required to join in the orchestra or musical team, and one sport team

Enlightening Wisdom

The school provides the opportunity for the students to organize and manage different kinds of activities such as Variety Show, Musical Performance, English and Chinese Drama Night, Cheerleading Team etc. All students have to participate at the stage and behind the scenes to act as the performers and helpers. The collaboration between the students in organizing a successful program is the best way to strengthen the students’ problem solving ability, higher-order thinking ability and collaboration ability, and to enlighten the students’ wisdom.

  • English: With the American-style education as the core, students are required to be fluent in English.
  • Chinese: Students are required to develop the reading habit and strengthen their Chinese cultural foundation.
  • Music performance: Through trainings in musical activities, students’ artistic accomplishment and team spirit are cultivated.
  • Drama performance: Drama and Musical are integrated into Chinese and English language classes for students to express and perform, and foster team spirit.
  • Cheerleading performance: Students participate in cheerleading performance to build team spirit.

Realizing Imagination

The school introduces Innovation Education and provides the Workshops including Computer Assisted Design (CAD), Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Multimedia Production, and Computer Music Production for the students to create their own idea and produce the imaginary products.

  • A new subject “Creative Technology” is included in the curriculum in which scientific knowledge, mechanical technology, electronic technology, electromechanical technology, computer technology, programming technology, automatic control, mathematics and art are covered.
  • Through projects and case studies, students are well trained to master the “Innovation, Creation and Innomaker” ability, which enables them to enter the new era of innovation world.

Pursuing Excellence

The school promote the Life Education to nurture students with Excellent Personality in Pursuit of Excellence.

  • Living, studying and growing up with peers to nurture students with effective communication skills and positive life attitude.
  • Training and demonstrating in performances to enhance students’ abilities in appreciation, organization and collaboration.
  • Trainings and participating in sports teams to strengthen students’ physical fitness and team spirit.

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Modernization Campus for Holistic Development

The construction of Modernization Campus for students in Pursuit of Excellence is based on the Holistic Development Approach in Education. The school campus covers the area of OCT-E National 5-Star Resort and is embraced by mountains, valleys, streams, wetland, and a primitive ecological site forming a fresh environment for learning. To cope with our mission, we reorganize the park into eight divisions namely the Green Campus, Life Campus, Science Campus, Technology Campus, Global Campus, Humanities Campus, Sports Campus and Arts Campus with which provide all-round education to facilitate students to establish individual talents.

Green Campus

  • Tea Stream Valley: Surrounded with Wetland Garden and Sanzhou Tea Garden.
  • Ecoventure Valley: Surrounded with Wild Fjord and Ecological Canyon.
  • Sky Lake Valley: Surrounded by green outdoor sports area.

Life Campus

  • Environment Classroom: Learn to care the environment, protect the environment, conserve the environment, respect life and treasure life.
  • Home Economics Classroom: Study housework, home economics and kitchenware applications.
  • Life Education Classroom: Learn good habits and etiquette; understand home safety and tools applications.

Science Campus

  • Botanical Garden: An indoor garden to study plant ecology.
  • Aviary: A place for bird observation.
  • Nature Trail: A trail for students to study plants.
  • Science Center: Equipped with various experimental apparatus for scientific activities.

Technology Campus

  • Creative Design and Technology Center: Equipped with advanced CAD/CAM facilities to design and produce creative products.
  • Creative Media and Music Center: Equipped with electronic music and multimedia production facilities to conduct sound effect, animation and film production.
  • Creative Learning Resources Center: provided with STEM reference books & learning kids to encourage self-learning & participating.

Global Campus

  • Boundaryless Campus : With Wi-Fi fully covered, students are equipped with portable learning tools to connect with the world.
  • e-Community: An online discussion community to conduct e-collaborative learning and establish a global learning network.
  • e-Academy: An online learning resource center and
  • e-learning portfolios to obtain and maintain global learning resources.

Humanities Campus

  • Sanzhou Tea Garden: A place to learn Chinese Tea Culture by picking, making and tasting tea.
  • Ancient Tea Town: An old town to learn Chinese Traditional Music and Martial Arts.
  • Huaxing Temple: A place to inspire students by the essence of Chinese Buddhist Culture.

Sports Campus

  • Golf Course: Two 18-hole golf courses for students’ training and holding golf competitions, and a 15-fairway water golf training course.
  • Indoor Tennis Court: Two courts building with a retractable roof.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool: A swimming pool with 50-meter standard lanes.
  • Bike Trail: An environmentally friendly Bike Trail located in Wetland Garden.
  • Indoor Stadium: For badminton and basketball training.
  • Sailing Training Site: Located in Dameisha beach with small sailing boats.
  • Canoeing Training Site: Located in Sanzhoutian Reservoir with non-powered tandem canoes.

Arts Campus

  • Creative Art Gallery: A place to display students’ art works.
  • Music Room: A room for music training.
  • Art Room: A room for art training.
  • Dancing Room: Used for musical and dancing.
  • Auditorium: Used for music, dancing and drama performances.

Professional Leadership

Members of the school have rich experience in educational administration management. They are experienced in developing innovation education and future education, which provide strong supports to the development of creative and experiential curriculum, the upgrading of students’ learning outcomes and the enhancement of student achievements. Members with local, regional and state executive experience in K-12 education in the United States are both at the school, central administrative office and state office levels.They inform their perspective in classroom teaching, teachers supervision, curriculum development and curriculum management.
The team members deeply understand the important relationship between the operation of a school and its quality assurance. Besides, the team understands “creative and innovative education” is the trend of future education. They have rich and professional knowledge in teacher training, teaching evaluation and continuous development. The school recruits an extensive network of experts, cooperates actively between business and schools, and establishes exceptional partnerships with different stakeholders. The target is to broaden students’ horizons and helps students thrive in the future.
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Logistics Support


The students are provided with Western or Chinese delicious meals which are based on the three principles: safe, healthy and nutritious. The fresh ingredients are delivered by well-known providers with quality standards. A balance diet is thoughtfully designed by a nutritionist. The main routine ingredients supplied for the chef are Italian extra virgin olive oil, imported Thailand jasmine rice and the qualified tested fresh vegetables from Hong Kong.


The dormitory is situated beside the school. 2-4 kids are arranged in a room in which there are personal study and a living space with pantry and bathroom. Dormitory wardens dwell with students to ensure their safety and their security.


Transport services are provided by school to deliver students to and from school accompanied by a caretaker in the vehicle. School assigns the routes to pick up and drop off students at their nearest residential place.
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The school building is installed with DC inverter multi-connection appliances providing constant temperature, constant humidity, constant flow of oxygen and constant cleanliness for the classroom. The ventilation system with pure and fresh air conditioning is manufactured by Germany Imported Military Industry. The indoor safety fine particles concentration in the air attain the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO). The PM2.5 annual average concentration is less than 10.
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